March 27 - April 10

I will be giving away five signed copies of Lab Partners to people in the United States. Instructions to enter are shown below.


How to Enter

Follow These Three Steps


Step 1: Make some fan art for Lab Partners in whatever way you see fit. Post your fan art on Instagram or Twitter (or just direct message it to me if you don't want to post it) and include the following:

     a. #LookAtLabPartners 

     b. Tag @MoraJMontgomery

     c. A brief description of your favorite part from the original Wattpad version of Lab Partners

Step 2: Sign up for my e-mail list at the bottom of this page.

Step 3: Send an e-mail to me at Inlude the following:

   a. Subject Line: LP Giveaway Your Name

   b. Username and platform you posted on

   c. Your fan art

   d. Your mailing address (only to be used for the purposes of this contest)

*You may have more than one entry if you make more than one fan art, but you must make two separate posts and send two separate emails.

*Please only enter if you are USA based.

*If you entered #LookForLabPartners before it changed to #LookAtLabPartners, your entry is still valid and will be considered in the results of this contest.


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